48 PIXELS (2011)


In last several decades modern society has started to prefer visual communication to verbal one. Moreover, deluge of images causes that pictures are viewed very quickly and without the proper look.

Let's make images into simplier form for faster browsing!!!

This is my attempt to cram these famous paintings into 48 pixels.

monet_impression_sunrise in 48 pixels

Claude Monet

Impression, Sunrise

picasso_three_musicians in 48 pixels

Pablo Picasso

Three Musicians

rubens_venus_in_mirror in 48 pixels

Peter Paul Rubens

Venus in Mirror

gogh_sunflowers in 48 pixels

Vincent van Gogh


rembrandt_night_watch in 48 pixels


Night Watch

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28. 10. 2011 - 15:07 chase
good job. nobody wanted to see what the paintings looked like or anything =]
12. 09. 2012 - 21:35 BruXy
Matice 8x6 pixelů je trošku málo, ale třeba pan Lincoln, z následujícího Dalího obrazu, by se v tom s trouchou snahy dal rozeznat :D http://www.doubletakeart.com/images/00133-3676_zoomed.gif
13. 09. 2012 - 00:54 Trancelater
Hej super! Tenhle jeho obraz jsem neznal, je to tak trochu fraktál. Ale už je tam vidět moc detailů - to se neslučuje s rychlosti dnešní doby :D
14. 09. 2012 - 13:05 Fugazi
Jak se to zaostruje ?